FAC, It is wonderful to connect with you today! It is a beautiful day! On a personal note, it's Marcus' birthday, I am looking forward to spending some time with the family making his days special. But Jesus wants to speak to us today through his word and that makes today special for you too! We are headed back into our Elijah series. 

Jim Selected our worship this morning click the link to be taken to a video with lyrics.  I encourage you to sing along (yes even alone). God hears our worship!

Song 1) Indescribale 

Song 2) Revelation Song

Song 3) Stronger 


Children's Devotional


Prayer Requests : 
Danielle Cressman: 
Update on my grandmother (Kay).  She came out of the initial surgery so well that they have decided that she isn't even in need of a pacemaker.  She was moved out of ICU to a room and they are planning to send her home Monday.  Praises for the amazing recovery that she is experiencing and prayers that she doesn't try to do too much too fast.

Also, for Rick, as he continues to work and is exposes to possibly infected Coworkers and the stress that puts on him and his family!. 

Carolyn O'Neal:  Perry took a turn for the worse and they are going to have him evaluated to go to hospice, he doesn’t know anything or anybody, just lays there and moans.

Linda Shepheard: Continue to pray Linda as she is experiencing some difficulties with her health, most recently, a bad case of vertigo. 

Don (Linda's brother): due to some false information, it was reported to Linda that her brother was really really sick. However, he is on the mend but his lifestyle contradictory to his health needs. Continue to pray for his spiritual condition 
as has his physical condition

Martha Kline: Please pray for my father Wilson Piper. He needs a wound to heal before he can be discharged from rehab and go to assisted living. 

Judy Moore: Tuesday I am starting in a study for a new home remedy for headache relief. If it works I may end up headache free.  They also want to try it on my lower back.  So pray it helps.  I then am having another Bloodpatch procedure on my head and back on the 29th since I can’t get an appointment with Johns Hopkins till Corona is done.  So pray it works too.

Also Monday we take our oldest dog Cynder to Vet and most likely she will need to be put down for severe pain from hip dysplasia, front elbow pains and growing cyst in front underarm.  So pray for Faith who is really bonded with her.


If anyone should have financial difficulties during this time please contact the elders or the pastor. We want to be a source of blessing during this time when people are losing work.


May God bless you as we dive into his word together, grab your bible and a cup of coffee. Let's Go!


Song 4 Alive in You


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Dr. Tim Crouch, VP of Alliance International Ministries and Founder of Faith Alliance Church with Matthew York, the church's current pastor.

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