Good Morning Faith Alliance! I hope this email finds you well, I cannot wait till we are back together again. I had the chance to get a hold of some of you. The elders have been checking in as well. If you feel that you have not been reached or checked-in with would you please let me know. It is our desire that no one feels left out 

Jim Selected our worship this morning click the link to be taken to a video with lyrics.  I encourage you to sing along (yes even alone). God hears our worship!


Song 1)  Goodness of God

Song 2) Come to the alter

Song 3) Death Was Arrested

Prayer Requests :

Martha Kline:  My dad Wilson Piper. Feeling better. Tested negative for COVID 19. Praise God!

Tina Holmes: Mac (Mackenzie)  and all of us.  Waiting impatiently on results.  Positive for strep, a couple more day wait on Covid ..she is already going stir crazy.  

Nikki Davis: My Aunt Rosie has was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2 years ago. Thanks to God's grace she has survived 2 years longer than expected by medical professionals. Recently, tests have shown that the cancer has spread to her brain and she has been receiving intense treatments.  Please pray that God places his healing hands on her to not only heal her but also to bring her and her husband to the cross.

Also, 3/29 is a difficult date for many members of my family. Please pray they find God's peace during this difficult time with the added stress of isolation from other loved ones.

Continued prayers for Tabitha and other medical professionals during this time. 

Thank you with all my heart ❤

Don Guthner:  The first CV-19 test at my mom’s facility came back NEGATIVE!!  The second resident submitted for testing but has no symptoms.
 Ashley Ervin: I can use prayer....with the pandemic my pain treatments are being canceled one after the other. I have now missed out on 74 shots in the last nine weeks. My neurologist is treating me from her house. This is a very hard and scary time for me. Pray that God if it be his will, keep my pain under control and keep me safe from harm. 

Jeff Bittinger: Pray for our first responders, nurses, police, firefighters and all others who are putting themselves at risk with COVID-19.

If anyone should have financial difficulties during this time please contact the elders or the pastor. We want to be a source of blessing during this time when people are losing work.


May God bless you as we dive into his word together, grab your bible and a cup of coffee. Let's Go!

Song 4 
What a Friend We Have In Jesus

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Dr. Tim Crouch, VP of Alliance International Ministries and Founder of Faith Alliance Church with Matthew York, the church's current pastor.

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